September 29, 2022

MatchStick Is a Dedicated Speaker Dock for Kindle Fire

If you’re one of the five million or more consumers who own Amazon’s Kindle Fire tablet, you know its audio output isn’t the best. Not only are both speakers mounted at one end of the tablet (bye bye stereo), but there are no external volume buttons. Thus, even with headphones on, users must dig through the UI to manage the audio output. It’s silly and utterly annoying when trying to watch a movie on Netflix or stream music via Slacker Radio.

Grace Digital understands the tablet’s shortcomings and has released a speaker dock built especially for Amazon’s Android-powered gadget., it accommodates the unique USB port, headphone jack and power button, all of which are located on the bottom of the tablet. The dock also charges the device while on AC power, but customers can purchase an optional lithium-ion battery pack (available in August) that turns the combo into a portable boombox.

. Still, is it worth the price given that the tablet itself is only $199 USD?

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