September 29, 2022

Samsung’s 5-inch Galaxy Wi-Fi Tablet Launched

Despiteout of respect to the recent passing of Steve Jobs, and its apparent surrender in the Australian front, Samsung continues to go after Apple where they live – no, really! 3 months after, they’ve finally delivered the adorable little guy, a new Galaxy tab that is basically an enlarged smartphone without phone capabilities. Call it Galaxypod Touch, or something that doesn’t risk another.

The 5-inch device retails in the UK for £162 (around $262.99) and will soon be followed by an even smaller 3-inch device selling for £146 (approx. $227.50). Both lil’ cuties run Android 2.3 (Gingerbread), ship with a 1GHZ processor, offer Bluetooth support and Wi-Fi, and allow for optional 8 and 16gb storage, but the 5-nch version has a better camera to go along with its bigger screen.

. Whether or not that happens, odds are 500 to 1 that their ongoing legal battle with Apple will soon open another front. Popcorn and rubbernecking will available to your right.