September 29, 2022

YouTube Returns to Fire TV as Google and Amazon Make Up

It took over a year for Google and Amazon to start playing nice again, as the services’ ongoing feud has reached a reconciliation.

In the coming months, the real YouTube app is coming back tosticks and boxes and, while thewill re-gain support for Amazon’s Prime Video service.

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The news, announced in a joint press release picked up by, is a welcome bit of good news for fans of both platforms who won’t pick one over the other. This will mark the first timecan be cast from phones and tablets, as those users were recently forced to open their computers to send the signal over.

Bringing the legit YouTube app to the Fire TV devices is a huge fix to the current situation, which forced users to rely on Amazon’s Silk web browser on their TVs. Ask anyone who’s ever used a web browser on a TV set and they’ll tell you it’s not an enjoyable experience.

YouTube’s app will also provide a stronger experience thanks tosupport for hands-free voice controls. Amazon and Google will also benefit from this update, as it will give users more reason to keep using the same device, and not jump over to aor.

This skirmish began in late 2017, as Amazon declared it wouldand Google dropped YouTube from Amazon’s Fire TV anddevices. No word yet on if a YouTube app will come to the Echo Show.